And we’re off…

It’s a new year.  This is the time of year where I sit my team down and give them “the speech” – about how we need to have a good first quarter so we can have a good year. I’ve given this speech 26 times in the past 26 years, although the early speeches were really just me talking to myself.

Well, it’s time for something different.  I’ve been doing photography for years.  In the past few years I’ve gotten more serious – shooting lifecycle events, pro sports, professional models, as well as stuff that I enjoy but doesn’t pay the bills, like nature and landscapes.  Now it’s time to step it up…

I am blessed with a great team at my other business, Klein Management Systems (,  a staffing company I’ve run for the past 26 years.  They’re a great group of highly professional recruiters and staffing experts who provide exceptional service to our clients.  I’ll still be around (after all, my name is on the door), but I’m making room for a passion that I’ve wanted to pursue for some time: KleinImages Photography.

My wife Judy and I have talked about teaming up on this venture for some time now.  She’s the one with the head for organization, meticulously designing beautiful albums and tending to the details of the business; I’m the shooter.  We’ve worked together for nearly 30 years and complement each other well.

A few details  needed to be addressed:  deciding on a name, filing papers, getting a phone number, an office, business cards – not to mention website (, Facebook page ( and yes, Twitter ( and a blog.  Lots of tasks  – lots more than I have written here; nothing really exciting about that.  There is however, something very exciting about a new venture.  I’m a skier and a couple of years ago I started to snowboard (not very well, I will admit).  The novelty of doing something new, something that you haven’t done over and over, is good for the soul.  I started running late in life – at age 50 – and did a marathon at 51.  It was a huge thrill for me – something new and exciting.

Starting a new business after 26 years?  Yup – that qualifies as new and exciting.

I took the above picture at the Tough Mudder event held at Mt. Snow this past May.  I liked the look of determination on these guys’ faces.  Just some regular guys determined to do something new and exciting.  Sounds familiar.


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