Abandoned buildings make great model shoots

Maybe its the stark contrast between a dilapidated dump and a sexy, attractive model.  Maybe it’s the uniqueness of really cool setting instead of the sanitary studio.  Whatever the reason, fashion shoots tend to look great in gritty, run down space.

I recently did my second photo shoot with Isabel, a model from Vermont. Isabel has not had an easy go of it – including losing her home last fall to flooding caused by Hurricane Irene. I admire Isabel’s resiliency.

We did an outdoor snow shoot last year by a covered bridge.  It was pretty cold and very windy.  My light stands were like sails.  Isabel was freezing – but we did get some great photos.  So why not shoot again in the cold?  Isabel was up for it.

We decided on a location that Isabel found.  I have to say she did an amazing job scouting this place.  Really interesting buildings, rooms, just the right look for what we had in mind.  Lots of locations to chose from.  We arrived late afternoon and I was facing problem number 1 – only about 1 hour worth of daylight for shooting.  Time to get moving.

I liked the door frame; it was interesting – especially with the Library lettering.  I liked the wall in the background.  I backlight Isabel and threw some light on the door – I liked the look.  Here’s what it looked like pretty raw:

But turned out pretty nice (see above).

Next onto the profile shot by the staircase. I liked the angle and wanted Isabel’s pose to lean into the staircase:

We moved on to the basin:

Isabel was pretty cold by now:

But we finished up quickly with her last change of outfits:

Three outfits, two sets of batteries (25 degrees temperatures), some nice keeper shots.  Not bad for a one hour shoot.


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