From the NFL Sidelines…

I am a NY Giants fan. My entire family is NY Giants fans. As a matter of fact, the Giants are the only pro sports team that my family agrees upon (Yankee, Mets split, Devils, Bruins split – my oldest kid lives in New England – fortunately he is NOT a Pats fan, and we couldn’t care less about basketball). Needless to say we are a very happy and excited household as we await the Super Bowl.

I have had the opportunity to shoot some pro football games from the sidelines. It’s a kick – and lots of hard work. Running up and down the sidelines with two cameras, lenses, monopod – about 25 pounds worth of equipment. The first time I shot a game I did a full “documentary” of the entire day – not just the action on the field. Since this is a blog about photography I thought I would share that experience here. This is from the Giants – Redskins home opener on Sept 13, 2009 back in the old Giants Stadium

Visiting players arrive by bus from their hotel.

The famous “tunnel” where players emerge to take the field

Eli Manning during pre-game warm ups.

Ever wonder how the jets/helicopters that fly over the stadium know how to show up exactly when the national Anthem is over? These are the National Guards guys that call in the air show and coordinate the timing. Here they are checking their communications.

Pre-game full-uniform warm ups (one of Sunday’s heros – Lawrence Tynes warms up)

Pam Oliver on the sidelines pre-game.

This is a really bad fly-over picture. First off, I wasn’t ready (even though I knew it was happening – see previous picture of the National Guardsmen preparing). My shutter speed was way too fast so I have the classic no-motion that makes the chopper look like it has stalled and is about to fall on the stadium. My timing was also pretty bad – should have gotten it before the scoreboard obstruction. Lastly – dead smack in the middle of the frame = boring composition. Definite fail on the fly-over shot.

My favorite action shot from the game: Eli Manning gets the pass off before Washington’s Andre Carter slams him. Carter beat the Giants’ David Diehl to get to Manning.

Picture of yours truly taken by a friend in the stands.

I was told I would be the only photographer at the game…

Post game.


Coach’s post-game interview (Giants won, by the way).

One last thing – Go Blue.


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