On the road with Big Blue in Indianapolis

Wow. I’ve had the privilege of attending the last four Giants Super Bowls. With the exception of the 2000 game against Baltimore (let’s quickly skip that day), each Giants Super Bowl has wildly exceeded my greatest expectations for exciting football. But I’m not going to talk about the game – that’s been done many times over by analysts far smarter than I. This is a blog about photography. I was selected as the photographer for Big Blue Travel, the road company of the New York Giants that is run by my dear friend, renowned travel entrepreneur Barry Liben and his partner Michael Martocci. They put together a travel package and took over 800 Giants fans to Indy. No small feat. Planes, busses, hotels, game tickets, parties, rental cars – all in less than 2 weeks. Here’s a quick photo essay of the experience.

I liked the above grin and grab shot for a few reasons: great vibrant colors, personality and fun with the face painting and context with the Superbowl marquee in the background.

The scene checking in. Photo is a little busy but it does tell a story between the eye-catching jacket and the signs for the plane.

Great subjects make great pictures.

Fisheye lens works nicely in tight spaces where you’re trying to include lots of people. I like the effect.

Arriving at the airport in Indianapolis. The city is decked out in Super Bowl XLVI.

Big Blue Travel knows how to throw a party.

Even the Super Bowl party is a news event.

 Former Giants players talking to a sea of fans.

These are the kind of great pictures you get inside the stadium when you leave your G10 in the hotel room and security doesn’t allow you to bring in your D3 because it’s too big. Epic fail by the photographer.

Great memories.


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