The All-American Girl Shoot

Recently a knowledgable colleague of mine reviewed my portfolio of  fashion and glamour photos and suggested that I needed “a different look” to augment the models’ photos that I currently had in my portfolio.  She recommended including more of the “all American” look.  Fortunately, I knew the perfect group of wonderful young ladies, and just my luck, they were all together in Vermont for vacation.  We decided on an outdoor, playful, (semi) snowy photo shoot.  I wanted bright colors, big smiles, fun and sun.

There were some of the usual challenges:

Wind knocking over the lighting umbrellas – assistants became critical as the winds picked up.

Pocketwizards mini TT1 failing – make sure you have those spare flat batteries when shooting in the cold.  Better yet, use a TT5, which uses AA batteries, as your transmitter on camera , if you happen to have a spare.

Harsh sunlight – I knew this would be the case but we had a limited shooting window.  For the most part I used the sun to backlight the models.

All in all, a fun shoot, great models, and some “all American” pictures for the portfolio.


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