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We’re a husband and wife team that’s been working together (aside from raising four boys) since 1985.  After building a successful business for all of those years we decided to pursue a new adventure that would be fun for both us and our clients.

David is the photographer; Judy is the designer and business manager.

From David:

“I have photographed everything from professional sports to TV actors and actresses.  I get tremendous satisfaction when I see the look on my client’s faces when the moment is captured just right. I’ll shoot editorial style but there is something to be said for timeless portraits.  Lighting is the key – sure everyone has an iPhone camera and they take pretty good pictures with it – but great lighting separates the men from the boys.”

Equal time from Judy:

“I was an editor in my previous life. I’m the one that will do the proofreading, and call for a do-over, for the slightest inconsistency. I’m a stickler for getting it perfect.  I love to do layouts and album design – it’s a great feeling when it comes together and you know that you nailed it.  David and I work together well – he takes my critiques in stride – which is good for both our business as well as our marriage.”

Check out our main website here



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